Steve Hannagan

PR Pioneer

This blog tells the story of a peer without peers among press agents in the first half of the twentieth century. Steve Hannagan was a highly-successful pioneer of public relations who built ground-breaking publicity campaigns for the Indianapolis 500, Miami Beach, Sun Valley, Las Vegas, the 1940 Presidential Campaign, and Coca Cola.  He developed, tested, and refined many of the press and publicity principles commonly used today.

Along the way, Hannagan knew or worked with most major figures and celebrities of his era. His colleagues and friends spanned business, Hollywood, Broadway, New York’s Café Society, the news media, politics, and sports.

Hannagan was a garrulous, charming, whip-smart press agent who never pulled a phony deal. His honesty and charm opened doors to the powerful. His press campaigns were sensational or subtle and always caught the eye of the intended audience. His success always ensured a steady stream of business to his firm.

The Blog will be issued regularly with new stories about Steve Hannagan plus his promotional principals called the “Hannagan Way.”

As Steve Hannagan always signed off, “Cheerfully Yours, until the next time.

The Steve Hannagan Biography is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It has everything about Hannagan’s life, his press campaigns, and the principles of the ‘Hannagan Way’. If you have any comments about the biography, just drop a line to Mike Townsley.