The Life & Times of Steve Hannagan

Learn about Steve Hannagan, ‘The man who refined product placement to an art and who worked closely with many of the leading movie studios, Broadway shows, and radio programs of his era.’ He was also one of the founders of modern public relations, the blog will describe his many publicity campaigns and his contributions to marketing and publicity campaigns.

The Steve Hannagan Biography will be coming very soon to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  It will have everything about Hannagan’s life, his press campaigns, and the principles of the ‘Hannagan Way. If you want to know when you can order the book, just drop a line to  We will put you on the book list to receive an early notice.

Sun Valley Lodge

Steve Hannagan and the Sun Valley Skier Icon

  Steve Hannagan is credited not only with naming Sun Valley, he also had his team develop the famous skiing icon used in advertisements about the resort. Steve Hannagan’s Sun Valley Icon[1] Peter Ogibene in a Smithsonian article…

Hannagan and Hemingway

The Hollywood and social celebrities that Steve Hannagan enticed to Sun Valley paled in comparison to arranging for Ernest Hemingway’s visit at the resort. In the fall of 1939, Hannagan heard that Hemingway was in Montana on a hunting trip,…

Sun Valley - Steve Hannagan’s on Top of His Game

Steve Hannagan’s career was at full throttle in Sun Valley. Prior to Sun Valley’s existence and Hannagan’s publicity campaign most people associated with potatoes and timber not luxurious ski resorts. In Sun Valley, Hannagan became…