The Life & Times of Steve Hannagan

Learn about Steve Hannagan, ‘The man who refined product placement to an art and who worked closely with many of the leading movie studios, Broadway shows, and radio programs of his era.’ He was also one of the founders of modern public relations, the blog will describe his many publicity campaigns and his contributions to marketing and publicity campaigns.

The Steve Hannagan Biography will be coming very soon to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  It will have everything about Hannagan’s life, his press campaigns, and the principles of the ‘Hannagan Way. If you want to know when you can order the book, just drop a line to  We will put you on the book list to receive an early notice.

Hannagan Observations on Politics

Steve Hannagan’s View of Politics Steve Hannagan’s take on politics were based on his broad experience as a press agent and his displeasure with the Presidential campaigns of Wendell Willkie and Thomas Dewey. Hannagan worked with both…