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Random Notes – Special Issue #1

Steve Hannagan Random Notes – Special Issue #1 Random Notes: Here are several items that do not appear in the book but illustrate who Steve Hannagan was. Final Event of the 1939 Baseball Centennial On June 12, 1939, Steve Hannagan brought together at Cooperstown the living members of the Baseball Hall Fame for a photograph. […]

Toni Corcoran Interview

Interview with Mrs. Toni Breihan: A Favorite Secretary of Steve Hannagan From New York model and secretary, to WWII war bride, to 1950’s St. Louis homemaker, to supportive parent and volunteer, to a professional St. Louis tour guide and trainer, to St. Louis Cathedral docent, to world traveler and lifelong learner, to senior living dining-out […]

Hannagan & Standard Oil

Did Steve Hannagan Help Standard Oil Oppose Mexico’s Expropriation of Foreign Oil Companies? The Blog author has received a question: “Could we confirm if Steve Hannagan was in charge of a campaign on behalf of the Standard Oil Corporation in 1938 following the expropriation of their assets in Mexico?” After researching this question, I cannot […]