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Steve Hannagan: News Editor Part 1

Steve Hannagan, the Newsboy Steve Hannagan first ventured into the news business in high school as a newspaper delivery boy. However, when the sun set on his first day, he dropped his papers, and ran home. Before long he returned to selling newspapers for the Lafayette Journal & Courier, but he wanted to be a […]

Steve Hannagan: News Editor Part 2

Boy Editor Charms Society Editor Dorothy (Dot) Rice, the Society Editor at the Journal & Courier, worked the night shift with Steve. Dot joined the newspaper’s night gang on their Monday excursions to the Vaudeville Theater, where Steve usually sat next to her. Dot was a year older and more mature than Steve. She liked […]

Steve Hannagan’s Family Part 1

Steve Hannagan’s Birth Steve Hannagan’s family and his Irish-American neighborhood played a significant role in preparing Steve to become a master publicist. Steve Hannagan was born on April 4, 1899, on Green Street, one block off the infamous Bloody Plank Road that ran next to the muddy Wabash River in the Irish district of Lafayette, […]

Steve Hannagan’s Family Part 2

Steve’s Father and Mother An earlier issue described the neighborhood, where Steve Hannagan was reared. Now, we turn to Hannagan’s parents and the influence they had on his life. Johanna Hannagan, Aunt Jo to her friends, nieces and nephews, was the anchor of Steve Hannagan’s life. She protected him from Bloody Plank Road’s meanness, enveloped […]